Nielsen Construction Ca. is honored to help the following foundations, programs, and institutes for needs in education, community, and health services:


  •  SHARP Hospice Care   imageslogo-11 header

On August 26 & 27, 2016, Sharp HospiceCare hosted their 14th annual benefit dinner & regatta. In this year’s benefit dinner & regatta, Sharp HospiceCare partnered with Coronado Yacht Club and Cortez Racing Association to provide their guests an exclusive experience on the yacht viewing the race course along the San Diego Bay. Nielsen helped raising the proceeds for this event, and these proceeds went to Sharp HospiceCare’s ‘Homes for Hospice Program’ to build unique and comfortable hospice homes for their patients in San Diego County.

  • PMHD_Logo1_03

The Pioneers Memorial Hospital Foundation is incorporated in 1982 as a tax exempt, 501 (c)(3), and nonprofit organization that works for the benefit of Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District. Their fundraising goes to emergency and surgical units, and to build a new intensive care unit. As 2016 marks 13th anniversary of PMH foundation, Nielsen sponsored to support their motto, “Spirit and Will to Give”.


  • SHARP Hospice Care    Sharp Hospice Care – The Homes for Hospice program


  • SDSU-IV campus    SDSU – Imperial Valley Campus Scholarship Fundraiser


  •  IVC Foundation_Logo    Imperial Valley College Foundation


  • SGH     Grossmont Hospital Foundation


  • SD Zoo    San Diego Zoo – RITZ, Rendezvous in the Zoo Gala

RITZ Challenge 2016 is a fundraising gala that will benefit a new Children’s Zoo. Provided by Audrey S. Geisel and Letitia H. Swortwood, RITZ looks forward to meeting the fundraising goal of up to $1 million. As a company that gives annual donations to San Diego Zoo, Nielsen Construction Ca. also supports RITZ.


  • 4H    Southwest Valley 4H Program

4H stands for ‘Head’, ‘Heart’, ‘Hands’, ‘Health’, and is the largest club in the Imperial Valley. In this agricultural based hands-on learning program, children learn responsibility from taking care of animals, where their food comes from, how to cook, and experiences feeling of achievement as well as self-esteem from outcomes.


  • 5k_16    4th Annual PAM 5K Fun Run


  • Hall of Fame Platinum Sponsorship