At Nielsen Construction California, our model is advocacy.

Our approach is simple: no shovel breaks ground until we have identified our clients’ goals. We advocate for our clients’ budgets, schedules, and most importantly, their vision; we pledge our accountability through completion and beyond; we work to forge and strengthen long-term relationships. Together with clients, we achieve exceptional results, saving time and money by bringing projects in under budget and ahead of schedule.

Advocating for Budgets

As material costs continue to rise, budgets get tighter. When a public agency client needed to trim more than $200,000 from its project budget, Nielsen Construction California launched a value engineering initiative to do just that. The initiative helped to determine whether a minor change in design would produce the desired savings without compromising the integrity of the original design. This required buy-in from all team members; thus Nielsen set about building consensus among suppliers, subcontractors, and prime / general contractors, as well as the construction manager, architect, and owner. Recognizing the merits of the design change, the team came together to produce a project that not only kept the integrity of the original design but also saved on costs. Nielsen’s leadership produced a savings of more than $200,000 and brought the job to completion well under budget.

Advocating for Increased Value

Because Nielsen Construction respects clients’ budgets as its own, it consistently looks for ways to preserve costs. On one particular project, the money that Nielsen saved enabled the client to expand the scope of the project at no extra cost. Upon completion, the client had enough money left over to resurface an entire parking lot. This “extra” money was a direct result of NCC’s stewardship in budgeting.

Advocating for Schedules

Nielsen Construction offers a proprietary fast tracking system that brings in projects sooner than scheduled as well as hastens projects that have been delayed. Nielsen’s fast tracking capabilities are often called upon by industry colleagues and project owners facing costly delays. Whether it’s the opening of an elementary school or the launching of a new hotel property, NCC’s troubleshooting skills have helped meet critical deadlines for clients and many others.