San Diego Gas and Electric Kearny Villa Lot Improvements

Scope of work on this project included the enhancements to the aesthetics, security and safety of the Kearny Villa parking lot across from SDG&E’s Century Park facility. The parking lot was redesigned to be an extension of the SDG&E’s Century Park facility. It included a new 6 foot post and cable fence that sits inside the existing fence line and acts as a trellis for new bougainvillea planting. The landscaping was remodeled to be more drought resistant and included flora similar to the main Century Park campus. Security was increased with the addition of cameras, stronger lighting, and an improved intercom system that will interface with security at the main Century Park campus. Safety was increased with the addition of better directional signage to maintain an orderly flow of movement, truncated domes for accessibility, and emergency communication help points. Work included the coordination with SDG&E-retained contractors and Century Park Building personnel.